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Our Services

Premium Portfolio Finance excel in finding solutions that are tailored to our customers needs and situation.

The vision and mission of the team at Premium Portfolio Finance (PPF) is to empower all of our clients to achieve their financial goals. To do this we will ensure that each of our clients is provided with the right advice, the right tools and the best possible options to ensure they can achieve success.

We particularly specialise in:

  • Home loan reviews
  • Financial options to suit investors
  • First home buyers
  • Debt Consolidation & Reduction Strategies
  • Construction/Development Loans
  • Professional packs to suit high income earners
  • Loans to suit self employed
  • Commercial loans and leasing
  • Personal & Car Loans
  • Property Investment Strategies

We can give you choice:

At PPF we do the shopping around for the loan that’s right for you.

Whether you’re in the market for your first home or building a portfolio of investment properties, we have access to hundreds of loans from a host of Australia’s leading lenders. We make sure you get the right home loan for your circumstances and will manage the process from start to finish.

When should you see us and what can you expect?

You can see us at any stage in your financial journey. You might still be saving for your first home, wishing to use the equity in your current one, or wondering if you’re still getting the right deal with your existing lender. You can make an obligation-free appointment with us at a time and place that suits you.

We will ask about your financial circumstances and objectives to find out what’s important to you in a home loan.

For example, flexibility might be important because you plan to start a family or you may want ready access to equity for a rental property or renovations. Whatever your plans, we will research the market and recommend the right home loan to suit your needs. We always look for the right loan for you, not the lender.

Get in touch with us today.