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PPF introduces Financial Planning

We are excited to announce that we now offer additional services to meet our clients needs.

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Understanding the home loan process

We’ve made it nice and simple for you

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PPF features in MPA Magazine

Hayden Dempsey selected as one of the Young Guns in Australia

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Is it time to review your interest rate?

Being aware of your interest rate can save you money in the long term. As the official cash rate and other financial conditions change, it’s possible that your interest rate is no longer the best it could be. Therefore, it’s important to regularly review your mortgage.

So, when exactly should you reconsider your interest rate?

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Will renovesting be the 2018 property trend?

A panel of economists has predicted three major trends within the Australian property market for the year ahead, says Insights Manager, Graham Cooke. These expected trends come after the panel correctly predicted that the cash rate would remain at 1.5 per cent following the Reserve Bank of Australia’s final meeting of 2017.

So, what trends should property investors be looking out for this year?

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Tips on how to get your finances back on track in 2018

Setting your New Year’s resolutions is the easy part. It’s actually following through on those goals that tends to be where a lot of us slip up. Now that we are in February here are three helpful tips for taking control of your financial situation this year.

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How to start saving to buy your first home

For many people in Australia today, especially those on the younger side, having the means to buy a house all by oneself is simply unrealistic. While they’d love to throw down $100,000 in cash for a deposit on a nice place, they don’t have that kind of money and possibly never will. So, what can be done?

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