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PPF introduces Financial Planning

We are excited to announce that we now offer additional services to meet our clients needs.

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Understanding the home loan process

We’ve made it nice and simple for you

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PPF features in MPA Magazine

Hayden Dempsey selected as one of the Young Guns in Australia

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Building from scratch

Are you ready for the challenge of building a home from scratch?

For those who are having some doubts about buying a house, one suitable alternative might be to build one from scratch instead. Constructing a new house isn’t easy, but there are benefits to it. It’s often cheaper than buying a ready-made domicile, and it’s also a controllable process. At every step of the way, you can make sure your home is perfectly to your liking.

Having said that, there are numerous challenges involved. Especially if you’re not a natural planner, you may become overwhelmed by all the work that goes into designing a home and budgeting for the building process. Are you fully prepared for it all?

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First Home Buyers

Now’s a good time for first home buyers in Australia

In many cases, when you’re a first-time home buyer looking to get into the market in Australia, you’re going to encounter a whole host of competitive roadblocks. It’s not just you and other first-timers trying to get into the market – there will also be domestic property investors and international buyers in the mix, trying to snatch up property. Unfortunately, all of this competition has a way of driving up prices.

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Saving up to buy a home is a serious long-term process

If you want to become a homeowner in Australia today, it is not going to be cheap. According to research from RP Data, the average price of a home is $852,000 in Sydney, and $641,200 in Melbourne.

You’d have to be extraordinarily wealthy to pay even a fraction of that money upfront with the cash you have on hand. More than likely, you’ll have to spend years saving.

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Saving up to buy your first home

Be ready for the challenge with the right broker

If you’re like most Australians at the very start of their career, you don’t have the money saved up to buy a house just yet. You probably have to spend much of your 20s working hard, stashing away some of your income and eventually putting together enough money to make a deposit on your home.

This saving process can be a grind. It’s difficult to know how much you can afford to save – or, just as important, how much you’ll need for the ordeal that lies ahead. Even for the financially savvy among us, this planning process can be maddeningly complicated. That’s why it helps to have a broker who can sit down with you and help figure things out.

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