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PPF introduces Financial Planning

We are excited to announce that we now offer additional services to meet our clients needs.

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Understanding the home loan process

We’ve made it nice and simple for you

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PPF features in MPA Magazine

Hayden Dempsey selected as one of the Young Guns in Australia

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How you can improve your chances of getting a personal loan

Are you in need of a personal loan, but worried you might get rejected? Explore strategies for improving your loan application and getting fast approval.

If you’re in a situation where you need a little bit of extra cash, a personal loan is always an option. Say you’re looking to fund a one-off event like a wedding or holiday, or you’re looking to make a big purchase like a car – personal loans are available for all of the above.

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How renovations can add real value to your home

Renovating your home might sound expensive – but if you do it right, you may well be able to add to the property’s value and make money in the long run.

Many people are turned off by the idea of renovating their homes – once you buy, the natural inclination is to settle down and live a quiet, comfortable life rather than tackle the additional work of rebuilding.

But there’s a silver lining to all the hassle and stress of renovation – if you do it right, you can add to your property’s value. Renovating might be expensive, but in the long run, you stand to make money, not lose it. Let’s delve a little deeper into that process.

Turning each dollar into $2 – or even more

It’s not easy to balance the continued burden of making mortgage repayments with the cost of renovating, but there are certainly ways to make it worth your while. If you can add $2 worth of value to your home for each $1 you spend, it’s usually a good proposition.

You don’t have to make any grand gestures to make prospective homeowners feel welcome. Little things like adding air conditioners, upgrading to LED lighting and improving home security systems can do a lot for people’s quality of life – meaning if you ever try to sell your house, you can make a lot more back.

Renovating for added value

With each renovation decision you make, you should think about how it impacts the value of your home. If there’s a way to make a small investment that pays off in a big way, go for it.

For example, repainting your home is one of the easiest ways to enhance its value. You can buy a can of paint for as little as $25, and the labour shouldn’t be too bad, either. For your money, you get a refreshed home that looks good as new on the outside. This is the kind of upgrade that’s worth finding a mortgage broker to help finance.

We can help finance your renovation

If you’re thinking of improving your existing home but just don’t have the cash to pull it off, we can help you find the ideal loan.

Contact the team at Premium Portfolio Finance and we’ll help you evaluate your options and choose a financial option right for you.

Unlock the value of being pre-approved for a new home loan

Looking to secure a home loan? The easiest way to do so is to get pre-approved. Let’s discuss how this process works and how you can get a head start on it.

Unless you’ve got hundreds of thousands in cash stashed under your mattress, it’s likely that you’ll need to secure a home loan before buying real estate. The easiest way to line up such a loan is to have pre-approval in place before you even apply.

How can you get pre-approved for a new loan?

Why pre-approval is so valuable

Getting a loan to buy a home can be daunting, but fortunately, the process is easier with pre-approval. Once you know how much you can borrow and what sorts of loan interest rates you can get, you’ll have greater clarity and can make decisions with confidence.

“With a pre-approved home loan under your belt, you will be considered a more serious homebuyer than someone who is ‘just looking’, because a lender has made a commitment to lend you the money that will allow you to purchase,” mortgage specialist Sean Longman told

When you’re pre-approved, you can show up to open houses and property auctions and quickly pounce on homes you want, knowing exactly what amount you can afford to spend. There’s no more guesswork involved.

Knowing how and when to apply

Pre-approval can be a major blessing, but securing it isn’t always easy. Your Investment Property Mag recommends that prospective borrowers are entirely upfront and honest about their financial information – if there’s even a small discrepancy in your application, it can hold up the approval process and make it tougher to quickly buy a house.

In addition, you don’t want to apply for loan pre-approval until you’re absolutely sure you’re ready to take out a loan and buy a home. Having multiple applications can negatively impact your credit rating; you want to wait until the moment is right, then apply just once.

Getting a savvy broker on your side

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to seek loan pre-approval, the next step is to speak to us. Whether you’re searching for your first home or looking to add investment properties to your portfolio, we can help you round up the capital you need.

Contact the team at Premium Portfolio Finance and we’ll help you get Pre-Approval.

What can vacancy rates tell you about a potential property?

Before you buy investment properties in Australia, you may want to take a look at vacancy rates. These stats can tell you your potential to make a profit.

As you prepare to buy an investment property in Australia for the first time, you’ll want to spend hours poring over facts and figures to determine where you’ll be best positioned to make a profit.

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